Hemant Acharekar


I am a Digital Artist based in Pune and Mumbai, IN.

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My main objective is to be able to develop beautiful things that entertain and enrich peoples lives.

I worked as a color key artist and Background Painter on various projects at Sidefx Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Pune. ( )
The extraordinary adventures of Jules Verne. ( )
Art with Mati & Dada.( )
Supa strikas animated series.
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Also, worked as a freelancer for over Four years as an illustrator, Concept artist and graphics designer,with various clients. I am focusing on the matte paintings, trying to expose off my key specialties. In particular, I am developing my knowledge in the field and practicing my technical skills.

"These six strings of mine,
the true voices of all time,
form these answers I will find,
from these feelings I will unwind."
------------ By Himanshu ( a very good friend )